More electric power

from Genesis

Genesis Electrified GV70, 2022, front
Genesis Electrified GV70, 2022, side
Genesis Electrified GV70, 2022, rear
Genesis Electrified GV70, 2022, interior
Genesis Electrified GV70, 2022, boot
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, front
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, side
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, rear
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, interior

ELECTRIFICATION is in full swing at up-market car company Genesis.

The luxury car maker has already given notice that all models built from 2030 onwards will be electric but is now putting its money where its mouth is by offering electric examples of some of its most popular current models.

The large petrol-powered G80 executive saloon is now joined by an all-electric version while the popular petrol SUV, the GV70, gets the same treatment.

The move follows the launch of the company's first electric-only car, the GV60, which is now proving to be one of its best sellers.

Anyone switching to an electric model, however, will have to pay a premium and a fairly hefty one at that.

Like the GV60 the two new electric options are priced at well over £60,000. The GV70 carries a £64,405 price tag while the G80 is £65,805.

And while that's competitive with other premium electric models it's still a far higher price than if you buy the more traditional petrol versions which are £41,000 and £41,650 respectively.

But if it's electric power you want these newcomers are up there with the best.

The GV70 is a versatile SUV with dynamic good looks and boasting 483bhp from powerful twin electric motors.

Under normal conditions it will hit 62 miles per hour in a rocket-like 4.8 seconds but if you really want to liven things up a little you can hit the boost button which reduces that time down to 4.2 seconds.

And not only is this car fast it's also ideal for anyone who suffers from range anxiety with electric cars as it will cover up to 283 miles on a single charge.

Genesis says the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in just over 18 minutes if you have access to a an ultra-fast 350kW charger.

The GV70 also comes with i-Pedal mode, which means you can accelerate, decelerate and even stop just using the accelerator. And by using the left-hand paddle behind the steering wheel you can govern the amount of braking on the system, with each pull of the paddle increasing the amount of braking force.

Not only does this improve your driving experience it helps to boost the charge in the battery to increase range.

And in case you think you'll miss the sound of an engine by driving an electric car Genesis has added Active Sound Design.

This state-of-the-art feature delivers various virtual driving sounds through the speakers of the audio system. One is a traditional engine sound while you can also opt for the enhanced note of an electric motor.

And befitting its SUV styling the electrified GV70 is the first Genesis electric vehicle to get SUV-specific e-TERRAIN technology.

It's a feature which helps when weather conditions get tough or if you do any off-road work.

You can set it for mud, sand or snow so you can be sure there is plenty of grip whatever the conditions.

In contrast to the GV70 the new electrified G80 is a super smooth large luxury executive saloon with plenty of space for five people.

It's a class act with oodles of smooth power when you dip the accelerator but without giving you whiplash like some electric models.

Having said that it will whisk you to 62 miles per hour from rest in just 4.9 seconds and go on to a top speed of 139 mph.

It boasts a range of 323 miles and is almost as quick as its sibling when it comes to charging, taking 21 minutes to boost the battery from 10 per cent to 80 per cent on a superfast charger or 67 minutes on a 57kW charger.

The all-wheel-drive GV70 features premium materials including naturally-dyed leather and recycled wood trim.

All Genesis cars come with a five year warranty, five years free servicing, and five years roadside assistance not to mention five years of courtesy cars when yours is booked in for service as well as five years of map updates.

And you have to be pretty confident in your cars to offer all that as a package.


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