Genesis adds to

flagship range

Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, front
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, side
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, rear
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, interior
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, seats
Genesis Electrified G80, 2022, motor
Genesis G80 Sport, 2022, front
Genesis G80 Sport, 2022, side
Genesis G80 Sport, 2022, rear
Genesis G80 Sport, 2022, interior

THERE is no doubt that the G80, the flagship of the new Genesis brand, is a stunning looking car.

At just shy of five metres long, it is huge and offers premium, no, luxury quality at a price that while still steep, is cheaper than direct competitors.

It offers three power options, a 2.5-litre diesel, a turbocharged 2.5 litre petrol and the latest all-electric version. All offer tremendous pace.

It looks powerful, but elegant with low slung silhouette that gives it a real road presence.

The interior is pure class with ground breaking technology and an impressive list of standard equipment from the Korean car maker.

Two new versions have joined the stable, the new G80 Sport, petrol version which delivers huge performance and the Electrified G80, which joins the GV70 and GV60 electric models in the range.

All offer interior is a riot of high quality.

The G80 offers embossed leather subtle inserts and sports pedals. If it's an electric or electronic aid, or sophisticated portfolio of safety kit, the Genesis is likely to feature it.

A taste of what is available includes 12-way heated, powered and lumbar supporting front seats, laminated glass ambient lighting and the centrepiece eight inch colour LCD cluster display. In addition a 14.5 inch infotainment screen that controls major functions including the high-end21-speaker sound system.

The 300ps petrol engine offers stunning pace, rocketing to 60mph in just over four seconds and while staying in auto is still satisfying, using the steering wheel paddles offers an even more fun drive.All internal combustion powered G80s come with rear-wheel drive as standard butall-wheel drive is available as an option.

The new electric version is more of the same in terms of equipment, and only slightly less in terms of performance.

The dual electric motors produce a stonking 370ps, delivering power to all four wheels and propelling the car 60mph in just 4.9 seconds. Hot performance, while at the same time offering a claimed electric range of 323 miles.

Noise suppression is also key, even the petrol and diesel version offers barely a whisper except under hard acceleration.

It is as refined as anything on the road.

Charging times are good as with a 240 kW charger taking 21 minutes to full capacity, while its take 67 minutes with a 50kW charger and a home 11kW wall box seven and a half hours.

There is no doubt the Genesis has it the ground running. No experimentation and tweaking, just straight in with a high quality, technologically advanced and desirable looking range of cars. Not forgetting the five-year warranty.

The brand has thrown down the gauntlet to the premium brands and is already making waves.


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