Dacia reborn in just

24 hours

Dacia factory, 2023
Dacia factory, 2023
Christophe Dridi, 2023, Dacia, vice president of industry

IT'S not unusual for an auto manufacturer to spend years rolling out a new visual identity across its model line-up, but Dacia pulled it off in only 24 hours.

With the brand's bold new visual identity ready to transform the look of its vehicles, Dacia switched the design of all its models at its three manufacturing plants in Pitesti in Romania and at its Tangier and Casablanca factories in Morocco to a new style all at the same time.

The production of the entire Dacia model range was seamlessly updated to the new visual identity over a single day - a feat which is unprecedented in the automotive industry.

In total, 3,100 vehicles rolled off the production lines over the course of the day, equating to one every 50 seconds.

The manufacturing achievement marked the completion of the roll-out of the brand's new identity, which began with a change in communications materials in mid-2021, followed by its adoption by Dacia retailers.

The new identity embodies commitments for the future and builds on the strongly held values that are behind the Dacia success story.

It took over a year to ensure that such a monumental undertaking went without a hitch and that Dacia's robust quality was maintained throughout the transition. Meticulous preparation and co-ordination took place across all the brand's departments, spanning from IT to logistics and training to marketing.

Notably, the logistics team had to handle 190 new components from 57different suppliers, including the logo, new emblem and new colours.

Some 20,000 personnel across the plants played a huge role in the successful transition.

In a display of extraordinary teamwork, they negotiated all the possible challenges, moving fast while following the full development and industrial production procedure.

Ahead of the switch, operators were trained at the same time as a substantial production plan was rolled out, ensuring that quality was uncompromised from day one.

Christophe Dridi, Dacia's vice president of industry, said: "We believe this is the first time an automotive company has revamped its entire range, at three plants, at the same time. It goes to show how flexible and how agile Dacia really is."


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