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Genesis GV60 Sport Plus
Genesis GV60 Sport Plus, side
Genesis GV60 Sport Plus, rear
Genesis GV60 Sport Plus, cabin
Genesis GV60 Sport Plus, Boost button
Genesis GV60 Sport Plus, wheel

A GAZE into the crystal ball reveals a wonderland of high end, high tech features, the sort of stuff that gives the Genesis GV60 one of the most desirable cabins in the business.

And while the name may not be familiar to everyone, this luxury offshoot of Korean giant Hyundai is well on the way to becoming established in the UK and Europe.

The last 18 months - the period in which Genesis has been operating here - has seen swift progress, to the point that the brand now has eight models, three of which are fully electric, in its UK line-up.

First of that trio, the GV60, is an absolute belter of a car, a stylish coupe crossover model that's actually built on the same platform as both the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 electrics.

There are three versions up for grabs, designated Premium, Sport and Sport Plus, all of which feature the same 77.4kW battery and with pricing from £53,905.

Our variant was the flagship four-wheel-drive Sport Plus twin motor model in one of the optional paint jobs - a shimmering yellow finish that's actually called Sao Paulo Lime and is worth every penny of the extra £750 it costs to specify along with matching brake callipers for £280.

Plenty of cars end up looking a custardy mess with these colours, especially when the hue begins to fade, but the Genesis finish is ‘reach for the sunglasses' vibrant.

Continuing with the yellow theme is an irresistible day-glo Boost button placed at the bottom of the steering wheel.

While the GV60's two motors each generate a healthy 214bhp, press that Boost button and the car literally takes off with a brief but volcanic 482bhp of wallop to hit 62mph from zero in four seconds and on to 75mph two and a half seconds later.

Opt for the mid-range GV60 Sport version (£58,365), also including all-wheel drive, and there's 314bhp on offer while the entry level Premium (£53,905) with rear-wheel drive also has decent punch with 226bhp.

Whichever version you pick the GV60 is a comfortable, relaxing car to use with an exceptional amount of space both front and in the rear, planted dynamics, smooth handling and near silence thanks to its insulation and electric powertrain.

You can also pick between the Eco, Comfort and Sport drive modes, the last of which loads up the steering, actively tightens the seat bolsters and sharpens the car's responses.

Using Sport - and that Boost facility - does of course have a detrimental effect on the car's range which varies between the 289 miles of Sport Plus models and the 321 miles for Premium, though in real world driving you aren't going to achieve either.

There are plenty of options for charging though, as the GV60 is compatible with standard, rapid and super rapid chargers, and when ultra-fast charging at 350kW it is possible to boost the battery to 80 per cent in 18 minutes. Otherwise a full charge is seven hours 20 minutes from a home wallbox.

But what of that crystal ball? Well it's one of a range of goodies that make the GV60's cabin a wonderland of design, luxury and intrigue.

Genesis refers to it as a ‘crystal sphere' which gently glows to enhance the interior ambiance. The point though is that when you push the car's start button the ball rotates to reveal the rotary gear selector.

All GV60s are lavishly equipped and include a 12.3-inch touchscreen that slightly angled towards the driver and our tested model also came with digital rear view side mirrors with an interior camera mounted on each front door (a £1,240 option), a Bang & Olufsen sound system (£990) and a panoramic sunroof at £1,120.

In fact the only downside of the car concerns rear-view mirror visibility, which is compromised by a narrow back windscreen with a bar which splits it in two.


Genesis GV60 Sport Plus


Mechanical:483ps, 77.4kWh battery + two electric motors driving four wheels via automatic transmission

Max Speed:146mph

0-62mph:4.0 secs

Combined MPG:289 miles

Insurance Group:49

C02 emissions:0g/km

Bik rating:2%

Warranty:5yrs/unlimited miles


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