New M35i range

topper for BMW X1

BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, front, action
BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, front
BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, side
BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, rear
BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, overhead
BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, interior
BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, rear seats
BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, paddle shifters
BMW X1 M35i xDrive, 2023, badge

A HIGH performance range topper is joining the BMW X1 SUV line up in the shape of the new M35i xDrive.

Powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine developing 300hp the X1 M35i can achieve the 0 to 62mph sprint in 5.4 seconds with a top speed restricted to 155mph.

With the all-wheel-drive xDrive set up, the car has a seven speed semi-automatic transmission with paddle shifters as well as other BMW M tweaks such as uprated steering, adaptive suspension and an M Sport exhaust system with dual twin outlets at the rear of the car.

Body changes include a sporty front bumper and spoiler as well as M specific graphics in the instrument display.

The new BMW X1M35ixDrive is also a technological trailblazer for BMW and is among the first models to feature the new BMW iDrive with QuickSelect and BMW Operating System 9.

It will be priced from around £46,000 when it arrives in the UK towards the end of 2023.


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