Range Rover Sport

P440e plug-in hybrid

Range Rover Sport P440e, front
Range Rover Sport P440e, rear
Range Rover Sport P440e, cabin
Range Rover Sport P440e, side
Range Rover Sport P440e, face
Range Rover Sport P440e

YOU wouldn't generally associate a big, powerful luxury SUV with outstanding efficiency and fuel economy.

But for those with the budget to consider a Range Rover Sport, it's not merely possible but pretty much guaranteed.

The latest, third generation, versions of the stylish and sophisticated off-road model feature a pair of plug-in hybrids that set new standards for what is an extensive line-up that also includes petrol and diesel models plus the promise of a fully electric model due next year.

The plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) come in two variants for the Range Rover Sport, the P440e and P510e - those numbers correspond to the amount of power available - both of which use a 3.0-litre petrol engine alongside an electric motor.

In the case of our P440e that means an official fuel return of 334.4 miles per gallon in addition to the full electric range of 70 miles.

In reality, while the latter figure is certainly achievable, you aren't going to get anywhere near that mpg number - especially if there are regular long journeys on the cards.

But plug in to a home wallbox for a full charge in five hours, or in 40 minutes to 80 per cent at a public rapid charger, and the P400e is super efficient for everyday driving as most trips can be completed using electric power alone - the petrol engine only kicking in when required.

It's extremely clean too, CO2 emissions of 19g/km meaning company car tax is low at just five per cent.

A common query about the Range Rover Sport is how it compares to the regular Range Rover or to the Velar and Evoque models.

Well in all honesty the Sport is probably the ideal model in the line-up in that it is very similar in size to the regular Range Rover, just fractionally shorter, has all the luxury features you would hope for but costs appreciably less.

And while the Velar may have the edge on sleek design it lacks the level of off-road hardware, though both are extremely capable in the rough stuff, and the Evoque is much smaller and more suited to an urban environment.

Apart from looking a formidable piece of kit - striking in the Varesine Blue paint, an £895 option, of our variant - the Sport boasts top notch materials all round plus a plethora of kit.

Acres of interior space, comfortable perforated leather seats, a 13.1-inch touchscreen on the dash featuring Land Rover's latest Pivi Pro infotainment set-up as well as a digital display behind the steering wheel ensure everything is extremely hi-tech.

That means Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included along with built-in sat nav plus a wireless smartphone charger.

Regards performance, the hybrid powertrain can propel the Sport from 0-62 in 5.8 seconds and on to a potential top speed of 140mph, all achieved in super smooth and near silent manner while attaining an easy balance between dynamics and comfort.

And for those who enjoy answering the call of the wild there's the trademark Land Rover tech like all-wheel drive, hill descent control, adaptive damping plus multi-mode terrain response and a full suite of safety features.



Range Rover Sport P440e plug-in hybrid


Mechanical:440bhp, 3.0-litre twin-turbo petrol engine plus 160kW electric motor driving four wheels via eight-speed auto transmission

Max Speed:140mph

0-62mph: 5.8 seconds

Combined MPG:334.4 (70 miles electric range)

Insurance Group:49

C02 emissions:19g/km

Bik rating:5%


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