Callum puts Bond

special on the road

Jaguar C-X75, 2024, nose
Jaguar C-X75, 2024, side
Jaguar C-X75, 2024, rear
Jaguar C-X75, 2024, rear wing
Jaguar C-X75, 2024, interior
Jaguar C-X75, 2024, number plate

A JAGUAR C-X75 used in the Bond movie Spectre's dramatic car chase has been substantially re-engineered by British design specialist Callum to make it road legal.

Itspublic debut will be on April 21, 2024 at Bicester Heritage's upcoming Scramble.

Originally created by the Jaguar Design team, led by Ian Callum in 2010, the Jaguar C-X75 played a starring role in 007's action sequences filmed in the Vatican City.

Just four of the five stunt cars survived with this particular chassis, Car Seven, the only one now licenced for UK road use after extensive work by Callum's engineers.

Built by Williams Advanced Engineering for the 2015 film, the C-X75 stunt cars were designed to withstand punishing chase scenes.

Constructed around a tubular spaceframe chassis with rally-derived suspension and Jaguar's 5.0-litre, supercharged V8 engine, Callum's private customer commissioned the Warwick-based team to transform the C-X75 for road use while carefully preserving its iconic history.

To achieve the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) certification needed for UK road use, Callum's engineers made hundreds of changes including new E-marked glass, switchgear, a quieter exhaust and catalytic convertors along with associated engine calibration tuning.

Having previously achieved IVA for other niche cars not originally destined for the road, such as Aston Martin's DB4 GT Continuation Series, Callum has accumulated significant experience to develop low volume, novel engineered solutions.

Examples on the C-X75 include creating new wing mirrors with integrated side repeaters to replace the foam models used on the stunt car.

In addition to satisfying the legislative requirements, Callum's craftspeople sought solutions to improve the quality of the bodywork and fittings.

Surplus quick release latches, essential to enable access during filming were removed. Panel gaps were reduced and aligned, the carbon fibre surface finish was enhanced, carefully resurfaced and repainted.

The original stunt car C-X75 was praised for its body control, sharp steering and agility.

Led by Callum engineering director Adam Donfrancesco, its in-house engineers ensured the fluid and engaging driving dynamics were retained by making detailed but minor adjustments to dampers and ride height.

"Stunt cars are arguably the true stars, bringing to life the legendary scenes that stay with us as car enthusiasts," said Donfrancesco. "So few actually survive the rigours of filming, preservation was key whilst meeting the legislation and it's great we can reveal it to the enthusiastic Scramblers."

"Ian Callum and the Callum company have been long-time supporters and friends of Bicester Heritage, so we are delighted to be able to showcase its latest work on the C-X75. It is surely one of the finest chapters in his impressive back catalogue, and to see it on the road would be an unforgettable sight," said Dan Geoghegan, chief executive of Bicester Motion.

April's Scramble coincides with Drive-it Day and sold out in less than three weeks with over 8,000 enthusiasts set to attend the Oxfordshire venue renowned for a relaxed atmosphere and an unparalleled mix of new and classic vehicles on show across the former airbase.

The Jaguar C-X75 will be found at The Armoury on the site.


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