VW tweaks ID.Buzz

with GTX

Volkswagen ID.Buzz GTX, 2024, front
Volkswagen ID.Buzz GTX, 2024, rear
Volkswagen ID.Buzz GTX, 2024, panoramic sunroof

A HOT version of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz all-electric MPV is on the way with the announcement that VW is to create a GTX variant.

It will be the most powerful Bulli of all time, with two wheelbasesand two battery sizes, available as a five, six or seven-seater, plus standard all-wheel drive.

The ID. Buzz GTX is equipped with two electric drive motors. An 80 kW motor drives the front axle, while a 210 kW motor powers the rear axlewhich together form the all-wheel drive.

The top speed of the GTX models is electronically limited to 100mph and a 0 to 62mph acceleration time of 6.5 seconds.

At maximum charging capacity, it can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent in around 26 minutes. Range is still to be announced.

With an extra 134bhp of power over the regular ID.Buzz the GTX has 335bhp on tap which gives it greater towing capacity of up to 1.8 tonnes. In longer wheelbase guise it is limited to 1.6 tonnes.

The ID. Buzz GTX with standard wheelbase will be available as a five-seater with a 40:60 split three-seat bench in the second row or as a six-seaterwith two individual seats each in the second and third rows.

The long-wheelbase ID. Buzz GTX will launch as a five-seater with a three-seat bench) and as a six-seater. It will additionally be offered as a seven-seaterwith a three-seat bench in the second row and two individual seats in the third row.

Depending on model, the seats in the second row can be moved longitudinally by 150mm with the standard wheelbase or 200mm in long wheelbase form.

The luggage compartment volume of the standard wheelbase model as a five-seater is between 1,121 litres and 2,123 litres with the rear bench seat folded down,

The extended ID. Buzz GTX is even more spacious with a capacity of 1,340 litres increasing to 2,469 litres - even when occupied by seven people.

A major hardware and software update will be incorporated into the GTX models with an optional head-up display and the next generation of infotainment systems.

The system's touchscreen is now 12.9 inches in size instead of 12.0 inches and there's a new illuminated touch bar for temperature and volume control.

All versions of the ID.Buzz long wheelbase will now be available with a panoramic sunroof with smart glassas an option. The multi-layered roof has an integrated liquid crystal film and can be electronically switched so that it is transparent or opaque.

VW says it is the largest panoramic sunroof ever used in a Volkswagen and turns the ID. Buzz into a Samba bus for a new era.

Prices are still to be announced but are expected to around £75,000 with the basic ID.Buzz starting at £57,000.

The GTX is slated for release in the autumn of 2024.

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