Estate alternative

to crossover fever

Peugeot 508 SW, front static 2
Peugeot 508 SW, front static
Peugeot 508 SW, side static
Peugeot 508 SW, rear static
Peugeot 508 SW, dashboard
Peugeot 508 SW, boot

THERE is a lot of Groundhog Day around the cars game at the moment.

You got to bed, you get up, you review a crossover, same the day after and the week after that.

There are just so many out there now, like pebbles on the beach and while they may all have their subtle different personalities there are still essentially the same rock.

We have been here before down the ages, everyone wanted a horse, then a cart and for the truly minted a sedan chair.

We have had MPVs, superminis, hatchbacks and a snatchbacks. The Yanks have been here, the Japanese spoilt the show by selling cars which actually started in the morning and the French brought us design by absinthe.

Back in the day no self-respecting flighty young man would be without his two-seater even if products of Morris Garages like the Midget were likely to engage the driver with an early experience of hospital food.

One reason a crossover would not have been popular in the 70s was that the idea of starting a family was about as attractive as starting a war with Russia.

Around 30 was considered a sensible age to settle down and stop playing football on a Sunday morning.

Today the crossover is the go-to solution for all family fortunes.

One question. Why?

If you feel it is a benefit riding slightly higher than other cars then what will you do when everyone has achieved the same status, buy an elephant?

What, pray, is wrong with utilising the capacity and more stylish talents of and estate like the Peugeot 508 SW.

Now I don't dispute that Peugeot serves up some of the tastiest crossovers going, the 3008 is simply brilliant but unless you need seven seats the 5008 is one hell of a beast.

The 508 estate, on the other hand, combines capacity with grace.

The GT HDi 180 is as smooth as a fox terrier's under carriage and with a two-litre diesel engine offers sprightly 0-60mph performance of 8.6 seconds while boasting an average consumption of over 60mpg but you have to be a bit angelic to get that.

What you will have not have trouble in getting is why the six-speed auto GT commands a price of £35,125.

From full leather interior to a raft of technologies it has got the lot.

The seating is electric with a driver's massage function and stitching is picked out in red which adds to an interior finish which is all good taste and quality.

It is difficult to comprehend how far the Peugeot badge has come in recent years from a place, frankly, where you wouldn't throw rocks at one.

Equipment includes the expected passive safety features like brake assist and traction control, it is a package which starts life on Active models and stays throughout the range.

Up here in the gods that is added to by a heads up display, LED cornering headlights parking aids and camera and a touch screen which houses the essential white goods of modern motoring.

If it floats your boat the wheels are 19-inch alloys and no estate car in this price range would be complete without an electric tailgate.

That opens onto a cavernous boot and with the seats down enough capacity for any legal, decent and honest task.

There is not argument about passenger space if you are one of those who wants a crossover for its high roof line, perhaps because your family is in the habit of wearing top hats.

The SW is a good-looking car, drives with refinement and is certainly one to consider if you do a high motorway mileage.You can push it through the bends across country buy why would you want to? This is a high end mature car with more than passing appeal to business users and families alike.

On top of that it is just a little more individual.

Not a groundhog in sight.


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