Uniti One's the EV

for the people

Uniti One
Uniti One side
Uniti One overhead
Uniti One rear
Uniti One Interior
Uniti One fascia

MORE than a thousand potential buyers are already on the waiting list for a tiny battery-powered car which could kick start the electric vehicle revolution.

Within 72 hours of the public unveiling of the Uniti One, tens of thousands of potential buyers had visited the company's web site and configured the Swedish-designed three-seater EV with more than a thousand of them putting their names on the waiting list, even though first deliveries won't take place until the middle of next year.

And the reason why this bug-shaped little car looks like becoming 2020's electric street car of desire is its' price. At just £15,100, after the UK Government's £3,500 subsidy is taken into account, it's going to be the cheapest EV on the market.

And that could make it the people's EV - not so much the Volkswagen, as the Volts-wagen.

For that kind of money you might expect something pretty much stripped-out and basic but the Uniti One is pretty well equipped and comes as standard with tyre pressure monitoring, electrochromic sun visor and sunroof, interior mood lights, rear view camera, electric windows and mirrors, heated front screen and a multi-screen digital dash and infotainment system based on the latest android automotive operating system.

And even with most of the available power, safety and convenience options added - including a larger capacity battery and fast charging facility - the sticker price will be less than £25,000.

In standard form, the Uniti One comes with a 12kWh battery and a range of 93 miles. An extra £3,000 will buy a 24kWh battery which extends range to an impressive186 miles while a further £3k adds an on-board fast charger which can reduce recharging time to little more than an hour from a domestic supply.

Thanks to a kerb weight of only 600kg, the relatively low-output 67bhp permanent magnet motor provides acceleration from 0-60mph in under 9.9 secondsand a top speed of 75 mph - plenty enough for city driving. There are two selectable driving modes - City mode optimises the car for energy efficiency while Boost mode sharpens the accelerator response and adds a little weight to the steering for a more dynamic feel.

Potential buyers can configure their perfect Uniti One and place a deposit via the company's web site - .

Those placing a fully-refundable 50 per cent deposit before November 30th, will be enrolled into the Uniti's Founders Club and will receive all future software applications, updates and enhancements completely free of charge for life, and benefit from access to exclusive events, offers and services.


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