Battery problems

grow in lockdown

Battery warning light
Charging a car battery
Replacing a  car battery

THE impact of the lockdown in greatly reducing vehicle movements has had an unintended and unwelcome consequence with some motorists experiencing battery problems.

According to Kwik Fit, over the past four weeks the number of drivers visiting workshops needing a new battery has been double the usual rate for the time of year.

Battery failures traditionally spike in the winter months due to the greater demands placed on them in starting cold engines.

However, the impact of the lockdown has seen battery failures over the past month soar to levels similar to the average for January over the last five years.

The number of fleet vehicles, such as company cars, requiring new batteries has risen by around 10 per cent compared to the same period last year, says Kwik Fit.

The repair chain advises motorists to start their car once or twice a week and let the engine run for at least 15 minutes.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: "Most of us associate battery failure with the winter months and having to call out a breakdown service to get us started after Christmas holidays.

"The lockdown has had a dramatic effect on motoring and has been positive in helping control the spread of the virus, but this is one area which is storing up potential problems for motorists. We certainly don't encourage anyone to use their car unnecessarily, but we hope that our advice will help some people avoid a nasty surprise when they next need their car."


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