Michelin launches

carbon neutral tyre

Michelin e.Primacy tyre, 2020

MICHELIN has revealed what it claims to be the world's first carbon neutral vehicle tyre - the e.Primacy.

The French manufacturer claims the new tyre offers the lowest rolling resistance in its category which leads to better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Michelin also says the new tyre is a perfect match for all-electric cars or hybrids.

The brand said the e.Primacy was rated A in energy efficiency and B in wet grip, making it one of the best tyres on the market. It added that the tyre's low rolling resistance meant drivers could save around 0.21 litres fuel per 100 kilometres and around £80 over the life of the tyre.

It also claimed that it would save an estimated 174kg over the life of a tyre, corresponding to the avoided CO2 emissions from a vehicle traveling more than 1,000 miles.

The manufacturer also said the new tyre could encourage the transition to electric mobility or hybrid powertrains as its rolling resistance performance could improve an EV's energy efficiency, increasing its range by an estimated seven per cent - around 30 miles for a vehicle with a range of 250 miles.

The new tyre features sidewalls which absorb less energy when flexing, Michelin's trademark U-shaped groove, which is renowned for its performance on wet surfaces, and ‘Evertread' technology which maximizes tyre contact with the road and evenly distributes braking, acceleration and cornering forces.

Scott Clark, Michelin's executive vice president, automotive, motorsport, experiences, and Americas, said: "Michelin e.Primacy is the first eco-responsible Michelin tyre whose life-cycle assessment has been incorporated into its design, to address all of its lifetime environmental impacts.

"As a result, packed with technology, the Michelin e.Primacy delivers the most efficient performance in its category in terms of rolling resistance, making it more environmentally friendly and affordable to use, while also guaranteeing all of the safety, grip and durability performance benefits for which Michelin tyres are so famous. On top of it, the Michelin e.Primacy tyre has been engineered to be CO2 neutral at the time of purchase, from the extraction of raw materials to transport to the customer.

"This is a world's first that will open the way to a new generation of products."

Michelin has pledged to lower CO2 emissions from all its production facilities by 50 per cent by 2030 compared with 2010, with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The company is also developing solutions to use renewable or recycled materials to manufacture its tyres.

The new e.Primacy tyres will be available in spring 2021 in 56 sizes from 15 to 20 inches.


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