Parking tops

drivers' 2021


IMPROVING parking skills is the top New Year's Resolution for driver's this year while getting other motorists to indicate, get off the phone and keep their distance are other issues.

Some 1,000 motorists were quizzed on behalf of Young Driver - Britain's largest pre-17 driving school - and parking was the area where drivers thought they could improve most.

Parallel parking was the most common thing where motorists admitted needed improvement (35 per cent), with a further one in three (31 per cent) saying their reverse parking skills could be better.

Being more patient and overcoming a lack of confidence also featured in the top 10 - along with driving in a more environmentally friendly way (12 per cent).

However, almost one in ten thought they were perfect drivers with nothing to improve.

Young Driver also asked what skills people thought other drivers could do with improving come January 1st- revealing we judge other people's driving very differently to our own.

One in two motorists (52 per cent) said other drivers need to indicate more - although, only one in 10 thought that was a skill they themselves needed to improve upon.

Parking barely registered on the list of top 10 New Year's Resolutions drovers would like others to make, with the second most popular response being that people needed to stop tailgating (44 per cent) - a fault only eight per cent of drivers personally felt they needed to work on.

Not using a mobile device behind the wheel took the third spot - but didn't make the top 10 in the list of personal resolutions.

Sue Waterfield, head of marketing at Young Driver, said: "Twelve per cent of men and six per cent of women think they are a perfect driver - yet people were very clear about the deficiencies in other people's driving skills! In reality, all of the things on the lists should be drilled into us when learning to drive, and they're certainly messages and skills we clearly communicate to our pupils when they're behind the wheel.

"But it's easy for bad habits to slip in once you've been driving for several years - so a New Year's Resolution to drive with more consideration and care and to perhaps brush up on those parking skills definitely seems like a good idea."

The top 10 motoring related New Year's Resolutions drivers would make for themselves:

1. To improve parallel parking (35%)

2. To improve reverse parking (31%)

3. Being more patient behind the wheel (16%)

4. Being more confident behind the wheel (15%)

5. To overcome nervousness of driving on a motorway (15%)

6. Always remembering to check blind spots (12%)

7. To drive in a more environmentally friendly way (12%)

8. To use my mirrors more (11%)

9. Always remembering to indicate (10%)

10. Reducing speed (9%)

The top 10 motoring related New Year's Resolutions drivers would make for other motorists:

1. Always remembering to indicate (52%)

2. Not to get too close to the car in front (44%)

3. Never using a mobile phone behind the wheel (42%)

4. Reducing their speed (40%)

5. Being more patient behind the wheel (37%)

6. Using their mirrors more (25%)

7. Always checking their blind spots (23%)

8. To ensure cyclists and horse riders have plenty of space when passing (20%)

9. To improving reverse parking skills (14%)

10. Increasing speed (11%)


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