MoTs still needed

this lockdown

MoT test, mechanics working on car

MOT tests will be still be needed on vehicles in this lockdown, says the Government.

Unlike last year when tests were suspended for the summer before being reintroduced in August, there is no period of grace under the current measures.

Driving to a test centre is permitted but anyone without a current MoT will be prosecuted.

The current lockdown will make the situation much worse with the nation being encouraged to make only essential journeys and keep them as short as possible.

With forecasters predicting wintry weather and lower temperatures, the problems these driving patterns bring to batteries will be magnified, warns Kwik Fit.

As essential businesses, garages can remain open during the lockdown to help drivers who need their battery replacing, but Kwik Fit's experts have put together some key tips to help motorists avoid problems altogether.

1. Batteries have to work harder to start an engine in colder weather - if possible, start the car during the middle of the day, not on a cold, frosty morning.

2. If a car is not being driven frequently, start it once or twice a week and run the engine for at least 15 minutes. The car must be outside - not in a garage or enclosed area -and the driver should stay in the car.

3. Assess the likelihood of upcoming problems - most batteries show their date of manufacture - a battery over five years old may be at risk of failure, especially if the car is not being used often.

4. If a car is parked on a driveway or garage, it could be connected to a trickle charger which can keep the battery charge topped up. Drivers should always follow the guidance in their owners' handbook prior to using a trickle charger.

5. As well as checking the battery, drivers should check other items which are vital for winter driving, including levels of coolant/anti-freeze and screenwash, condition of windscreen wiper blades and tyre tread depths and pressures.

For those drivers concerned about the condition of their battery, perhaps because their vehicle is becoming harder to start or the battery is over five years old, Kwik Fit gives a free battery health check in its centres.

The current government guidance is clear that it is lawful to leave home to get an MoT and that cars need an MoT if they are going to be used during lockdown.


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