Perils of running on


Fuel warning light

RUNNING on empty can be a dangerous habit, according to road safety experts.

GEM Motoring Assist Assist is reminding motorists to ensure they avoid letting their car's fuel tank get anywhere near empty.

In particular, GEM urges those drivers who enjoy the challenge of seeing how far they can go with the fuel light on and a tank that's close to empty to take notice.

GEM chief executive Neil Worth saidd: "If you permit your car to run out of fuel, you risk serious damage to the engine as well as potentially putting yourself and your passengers at risk of a collision because you will not be choosing where the car finally gives up."

Running out of fuel on a motorway is irresponsible as well as dangerous, says GEM.

Although it's not an offence in its own right, there are cases where drivers have been prosecuted for driving without due care and attention - or without reasonable consideration for other road users - when a collision resulted from their running out of fuel and breaking down.

Mr Worth added: "Check you have enough fuel for a journey. If you need to refuel, plan where you will stop so there is no risk whatsoever that you will run out."


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