Call to get tough on

drink drivers

Drink driving

ROAD safety experts are calling for stricter measures including the seizing of vehicles to combat drink driving.

Latest figures from the Department for Transport reveal that the decade of no improvement in drink-drive related deaths on UK roads continues.

In fact, the rate of drink-drive related crashes went up as traffic fell during the first nine months of measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than one in six of all fatal crashes involved alcohol in 2020 compared to around one in seven in previous years.

Final estimates for 2020 of road casualties in Great Britain involving illegal alcohol levels, revealed 220 people died in crashes where at least one driver was over the drink-drive limit compared to 230 in 2019.

Over the same period, the total number of crashes where at least one driver was over the alcohol limit was 4,620 in 2020, an average of 12 crashes a day.

Of these crashes, an estimated 1,070 were serious accidents, representing an average of around 26 serious accidents a week and only a minor fall from 1,390 in 2019.

Neil Greig,director ofpolicy andresearch at road safety group IAMRoadSmart, said: "While there has been a small reduction in the number of drink-driving related deaths and injuries compared to 2019, when you factor in the reduction in traffic due to COVID-19, the role of alcohol in fatal crashes actually went up.

"Rehabilitation courseswork,and we believe all those convicted of drink-driving should be sent on one automatically rather than having to opt in.

"More use of alcolocks- which require the driver to blow into a mouthpiece on the device before starting or continuing to operate the vehicle-and extra penalties such as vehicle forfeiture could all be part of a more joined-up approach to the problem. Hard core drink-drivers are simply not getting the message, and these figures will not improve until policy changes."


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