New app to help in

eco fight

Karai emissions app

AN app which monitors a vehicle's emissions has been created by a London-based technology company in the fight to reduce carbon pollution and help drivers be kinder to the environment.

The Karai by the Drive Key Corporation uses Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency data on any exhaust tailpipe emission-based registration on g/km carbon usage to calculate actual emissions.

Linked to real-time driver data and behaviours, the app delivers carbon emissions information.

It is currently geared towards motorists with internal combustion engines and Karai aims to provide drivers with options on how to offset their carbon emissions by either being carbon neutral or carbon positive.

The app available now as a free download via the Apple App Store and all other operating systems by Summer 2022.

The app monitors users' driving styles to calculate efficiency, provide an eco score and recommend how to improve, empowering drivers by encouraging them to learn about eco driving and teaching them how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Conjure, the tech company behind the system, says it is theonlysmartphone app that tracks vehicle carbon emissions and offsets in real time.


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