How to avoid m'way


Fuel gauge on empty

ROAD safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging motorists to ensure they check batteries, tyres and fuel levels before driving on the motorway.

Basic checks would help reduce the large number of avoidable motorway breakdowns that occur on motorways every day, according to GEM.

GEM supports the National Highways motorway breakdown campaign, which is taking place throughout the month of August.

GEM chief executive Neil Worth said: "Breaking down on the motorway - or experiencing an emergency situation - can be frightening, especially if you're not sure on what action to take.

"The National Highways campaign sets out what you should do to reduce risk in these situations, for yourself and for those ready to come to your rescue.

"Many of the 500-plus breakdowns occurring on England's motorways on an average day could be prevented by ensuring vehicles are well maintained and with plenty of fuel.

"So we urge drivers to check batteries, tyres and fuel levels on a regular basis - and before any long journey."

National Highways advice if you break down on the motorway:

Put your LEFT indicators on

Move into the LEFT lane

Exit LEFT at the next junction/services or Exit LEFT into an emergency area or hard shoulder

Put your hazard lights on

Get behind a safety barrier where there is one; keep well away from moving traffic

Call National Highways on 0300 123 5000 then a breakdown provider for help

If you cannot do the above, or in an emergency, stay in your vehicle, keep seatbelts and hazard lights on. Call 999 immediately.


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