Alpine uprates A110

Alpine A110 R, 2022, front
Alpine A110 R, 2022, rear
Alpine A110 R, 2022, interior
Alpine A110 R, 2022, spoiler

FRENCH sports car company Alpine is to release an uprated version of the A110 which is aimed mainly at track driving although completely road legal.

Said to be the most extreme version of the A110, the R model is lighter and more aerodynamic than its predecessors.

As a result of the changes the A110 R has a top speed of 177mph and a 0 to 62mph acceleration time of 3.9 seconds.

That is an increase in performance over the current A110 S model and with greater downforce to aid handling the weight of the R has been honed down by 34kg to 1.082 tonnes.

Aerodynamic improvements include a rear swan-neck spoiler, flat undercarriage and diffuser as well as full-carbon fibre wheels.

In terms of downforce it adds an extra 29kg at top speed while drag has been reduced by five per cent.

For the first time on the A110 range the bonnet, rear window, and diffuser have been redesigned specifically for the R model.

Alpine says the improvements made to the chassis, along with the 1.8-litre 300HP motor, and race-car interior, feed into the heightened radical feel that make the driving experience more intense than ever before.

Order books for the A110 R will be opened this month and while prices are still to be announced it can be expected to cost significantly more than the £60,000 of the A110 S.


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