Keeping children

happy in the car

Child in car
Child in car

‘ARE we nearly there yet?' - the words all drivers dread on a long trip with kids in the car. Yet it's easy to avoid with games from Britain's leading vehicle breakdown recovery provider Start Rescue.

The company has come up with print-off and keep games such as road trip bingo, a colouring-in page, word search, the car colour game, and find-a-way puzzle to keep your children happy and amused for hours.

Start Rescue Business development manager John Ellenger said: "Printable games work even if there's no power in the car so they work even in a breakdown. They also don't create any console noise."

More than 20 per cent of drivers report being distracted by their youngsters while driving and it can be as dangerous than using a handheld mobile phone.

The most recent government statistics from September 2022 show that in 2020 there were 55 deaths and 3,119 injuries in collisions where "distraction in vehicle" was recorded as a contributory factor.

Using Start Rescue's fun games lets drivers focus on the road ahead.

Mr Ellenger added: "Playing a game which everyone can enjoy such as car colours can relieve parents from stress and boredom too, especially in standstill traffic when traditional I-Spy can dry up very quickly!"

Evan Morris,training and development manager atRED Corporate Training, the leading UK driving school and corporate driver training provider, said: "Distraction from kids on long journeys can be highly dangerous - as lethal as being on the phone or texting while driving in some cases.

"Plan ahead: have games, activities, and stops planned to get them through the length of your trip."

"Advance planning is vital," said Mr Ellenger. "This is why Start Rescue is supporting the National Highways TRIP campaign to more than halve the number of people killed or seriously injured on the UK's roads by the end of 2025."

Start Rescue has achieved a Which? Recommended Provider status for four years running.

Launched in 2009, Start Rescue is an integral part of the nation's fourth largest breakdown and recovery service, Call Assist, which now has more than two million UK customers.


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