MINI makes dogs life

for Alan Carr

Alan Carr teams up with MINI to help Dogs Trust
Alan Carr teams up with MINI to help Dogs Trust

COMEDIAN and TV personality Alan Carr has teamed up with MINI to promote the car brand's work with the UK's largest dog welfare charity, the Dogs Trust.

Alan says he is passionate about the MINI and man's best friend alike and to mark the announcement, Alan co-stars in a series of comedic sketches with Alan the poodle collie cross, aka ‘The Real Star' who is announced as MINI's new ambassa-dog.

With screenwriting from Giles Bowen - acclaimed for some of Alan's best-known shows including ‘Chatty Man' - Alan the dog schools Alan (Carr) on why MINI is consistently voted the number one car manufacturer for dogs and dog owners.

Alan Carr said: "I love dogs and I've always driven a MINI. They always love jumping in the back ready to go walkies, whether they loved my driving that's another thing!! So I jumped at the chance of supporting MINIs partnership with Dogs Trust - it just made complete sense!"

Federico Izzo, director of MINI UK said: "I am incredibly proud of the progress we have made through our partnership with Dogs Trust.

"As the UK's first dog-friendly car brand, we pride ourselves on helping dogs travel happier and I am therefore delighted to introduce Alan as our partnership ambassador to raise awareness of MINI's dog-friendly status."

Born from the MINI team's passion for dogs, the partnership was first launched in August 2021 with a mission to become the first official dog-friendly car brand by the end of 2022.

Less than a year later following the completion of Dog Friendly Workplaces - a rigorous training programme developed by the Dogs Trust Canine Behaviour experts - MINI retailers across the country were given the golden paw of approval, becoming the first Dogs Trust approved, dog-friendly car retailers.

Dogs Trust chief executive, Owen Sharp said: "We're delighted to welcome Alan as the new face of our partnership with MINI. Over the last two years, we have been working together with MINI to help dogs of the UK to travel happier and it's been an incredible journey so far. So, here's to a great summer of helping even more dogs and their families go on safe, comfortable car rides to their next MINI adventure."

Alongside retailers opening their doors to paws, the brand has continued its mission to help dogs travel happier by introducing a dedicated MINI Dogs Hub. With expert tips and tricks, the Dogs Hub offers advice on travelling with dogs from Dogs Trust specialists, as well as recommendations on useful doggy accessories for your MINI. Together with this, the brand is helping owners select their next car with their four-legged friend in mind through guidance on what makes for a dog-friendly car.


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