Flashback feel for

Citroen camper

Citroen Type Holidays, 2023, front
Citroen Type Holidays, 2023, door open
Citroen Type Holidays, 2023, on site
Citroen Type Holidays, 2023, rear
Citroen Type Holidays, 2023, on beach

RETRO is coming to the camper van scene with Citroen showing its new Type Holidays model that looks like the brand's iconic Type H van first seen in the 1940s.

With its flashback design combined with the modern features of a Citroen SpaceTourer MPV, the one-off comes with apop-up roof, a bench seat that converts into a bed, a kitchenette and a fold-down table.

The vehicle was seen at the Dusseldorf Caravan Show in Germany and comes as Citroen sets out to strengthen its presence in the converted camper van market.

The French auto maker says it plans to introduce a range of campers that will be sold by the Citroen network with details being revealed in the coming months.

The Type-H inspired SpaceTourer vehicle, based on the work of Italian coachbuilder Caselani, has been kitted out by Slovenian specialists Bravia Mobil and also features a double bed, swivelling front seats, a foldable dining table and several storage cupboards.


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