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73 registration brain teaser, problem
73 registration brain teaser, answer

TOmark thearrival of new"73" plate vehicles going on sale,used car retailer Motorpointhas created a mind-bogglingbrain teaser.

The mind-bending design features hundreds of number plates all differing sizes, but only 68 per cent of people were able to find the single "73" plate hidden within the mess.

Since 2001, the UK Government has rolled out new number plates each year on March 1and September 1to clearly differentiate when a new car has been registered.

If you are struggling tolocatethe "73" plate in the image you are notalone - just eight per cent of people were able to beat this brainteaser in under 23 seconds.

Need a clue? Try looking towards the bottom left of the image.

When new "73" plate vehicles go on sale on September 1, Motorpoint says car owners across England, Wales and Scotland could see the value of their current vehicle drop as the market adjusts to an influx of new stock.

Discussing whyit'simportant for motorists to be aware of the plate change,Tim Rodie, driving expert atMotorpoint said:"Age is one of the mostimportant factorstoimpactthe value of your vehicle and each timea new registrationplate is introduced your car will be considered older and therefore lose some of its value.

"Keeping tabs on the age of your vehicle and selling your before the plates change is one of the easiest ways to ensure you are getting the best price possible."


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