Sporty options for

BMW M models

BMW M2, 2023, front
BMW M2, 2023, centrelock wheel
BMW M3 Touring, 2023, front
BMW M2, 2023, rear
BMW M3 Touring, 2023, rear

BMW is releasing model-specific retrofit products for its M2, M3 and M4 performance models using technology adapted directly from motorsport to enhance the driving experience and individual appearance.

Centrelock wheels are included in the range and are available for the M2, the M3 saloon and Touring estate as well as the M4 coupe and convertible.

Instead of the usual five screws each wheel is attached to the wheel hub with only one central screw.

It is to be offered as a combined set in sizes 19 inches for the front axle and 20 inches for the rear axle.

Centrelock wheels were developed for motorsport, where they enable fast wheel changes and short pit stops.

The range also includes retrofit options in the suspension, drivetrain, aerodynamics, and cockpit of the cars which BMW says offers a performance-oriented customisation and provides a racetrack feeling in everyday traffic.

For a targeted boost in dynamics and agility, options such as the M Performance suspension with height-adjustable spring perches and the M Performance sport brake system are available.

Additionally, the appearance of a BMW M car can be enhanced with carbon components at the front of the car, at the rear and along the sills.


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