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Mercedes-AMG SL

Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, front
Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, overhead
Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, side, roof down
Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, side, roof up
Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, rear
Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, interior
Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, front, detail
Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, front, wing, badge
Mercedes-AMG SL S E 63 Performance, 2023, rear, detail

THE latest plug-in hybrid from Mercedes-AMG will be on the road in 2024 and with 816hp on tap it is the most powerful version of the SL sports car of all time.

The new SL 63 S E Performance has a 0 to 62mph acceleration time of 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 198mph yet with its hybrid powertrain is said to be capable of averaging 36.7 to the gallon with emissions of 175g/km.

Electric only range is just eight miles but Mercedes-AMG stresses that the car was designed with performance as a priority.

"The SL has always been an icon in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio. The latest version of the legendary roadster transfers this status into the future," said Michael Schiebe, chief executive of Mercedes-AMG.

He added: "The new SL 63 S E Performance, which, with its innovative technology, is the most powerful member of the SL family. With this unique concept, we offer our customers not only superior performance but also the option of all-electric driving.

"Extensive equipment options and the high-quality materials used also make the SL one of the most exclusive roadsters on the market - a real dream car."

The car is powered by a 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine on the front axle which develops 612hp and it is combined with an electric drive unit on the rear axle that adds a further 204hp.

Torque is an incredible 1,420Nm and the SL is fitted with all-wheel, rear-axle steering, roll stabilisation and a ceramic brake system.

The electrical system has been inspired by technologies proven in the Formula 1 hybrid racing cars of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team.

With eight drive modes and four levels of battery regeneration available the car is said to have maximum propulsion always available when the driver needs it - for example, to be able to accelerate powerfully out of corners or when overtaking.

The SL 63 S E Performance starts in electric mode with a V8 soundtrack synthetically generated into the cockpit before the engine kicks in.

Mercedes says the main identifying feature of the car is at the rear where it has an integrated plug-in loading flap and the model name highlighted in red. There are also grooved trapezoidal twin tailpipe trims on the outside.

Active aerodynamics aid handling and the front spoiler can extend downwards by 40mm above 50mph to create a Venturi effect, which additionally sucks the car onto the road and reduces the lift on the front axle.

Prices are still to be announced but are expected to be in the region of around £200,000.

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