New double-decker

bus from BYD

BYD BD11, 2024, front

BYD has developed a new double-decker bus and the first vehicles are due to be on the roads of Britain this year.

The Chinese EV specialist auto maker unveiled its BD11 all-electric bus which at the London Bus Museum.

The introduction of the BYD BD11 signifies a crucial moment for BYD in the UK public transportation scene, as it prepares to enter service later this year.

Specifically designed for London, the BYD BD11 will commence operations in the UK shortly, with plans for a provincial model to follow soon after.

Powered by BYD's Blade battery system the bus has fast charging ability and can be recharged to 100 per cent capacity in two hours.

There are currently more than 1,800 BYD eBuses in operation on UK roads, with a total operating mileage of more than 80 million miles, which is equivalent to a reduction of 137 million tonnes of CO2emissions.

Last year the company introduced its new eBus innovations for the European market, with the launch of the B12, and it continues to develop industry-leading technologies for public transport networks around the world.

"BYD is committed to technological innovation and spearheading the global transition towards eco-conscious public transportation," said Frank Thorpe, managing director, BYD UK Commercial Vehicles. "The BYD BD11 will play a pivotal role in contributing to the reduction of air pollution in London and, soon after, the UK's wider carbon neutrality goals."

The BYD BD11 features active suspension control and offers a comprehensive suite of enhanced safety features, including an Advanced Driver Assistance System.


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